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Naomi Benamy

(2) Artist's Studio in the Marais

Glorious Windows, Elegant Art

Here you will find clean, modern lines within a 200-year-old space of rough stone & brick walls and exposed wood beam ceilings. The owner/architect has renovated this light and airy large studio to give you a Parisian loft space, entirely open, with four great windows facing out to the street and the Place du Bourg-Tibourg, near the BHV in the Marais. The closest Metro is the Hôtel de Ville (lines 1&11).

You go up a tiny stair from the street to the second floor, and walk into the grand open living space. It has dining for four, a large bed for two and a fold-out sofa bed for one. There is high speed internet access and WIFI, cable TV, CD player and telephone. The kitchen has a full refrigerator and freezer, sink, gas and electric stove top, oven, dishwasher, clothes washer/dryer, microwave, coffee pot, tea kettle, glasses and dishes, pots and pans. The bathroom, following the general aesthetic, is not closed off but hidden behind a partition, keeping an open, airy quality to the space. There is a grand bathtub with shower behind the partition, and the toilet is secluded behind a curtain. Closet and storage space is plentiful. We supply sheets and towels.

Prices (in euros) all year are :
2 nights = 260, 3 nights = 390, 4 nights = 500 euro
5 nights = 600, 6 nights = 650, 7 nights = 700 euros
2 weeks = 1300
3 weeks = 1800
1 to 3 months 2100 euros per month
Over three months 1800 euros per month

For additional information and availability, please contact Naomi at

Ici, on trouve un style moderne et un espace âgé de 200 ans, avec des murs de pierre et brique, et poutres apparentes. Le propriétaire, un architecte, l’a fait rénover récemment. Il a créé une grande, clair espace, style loft, entièrement ouvert, avec quatre grandes fenêtres qui donnent sur la rue et la Place du Bourg-Tibourg, près du BHV dans le Marais. Le Metro le plus proche est l'Hôtel de Ville.

L’appartement est au deuxième étage, dans un très petit, assai moche escalier, mais on entre dans la grande espace avec table pour quatre, un grand lit pour deux et un lit-sofa pour une personne. La cuisine a un four conventionnel et une microonde, plaque chauffante gaz et électrique, frigo, grille-pain, machine a café, etc. Vous avez un lave/sèche linge et une lave vaisselle. Vous trouveriez toutes les drapes, serviettes, ustensiles de la cuisine, services et argenterie. La salle des bains a une grande baignoire avec douche. Vous avez l’internet à haut débit et WIFI, TV, radio et téléphone.

Nous demandons (tout l'année) :
2 nuits = €260, 3 nuits = €390, 4 nuits = €500
5 nuits = 600, 6 nuits = 650, 7 nuits = 700 euros
2 semaines = 1300, 3 semaines = 1800
1 - 3 mois 2100 euros par mois
Plus que trois mois 1800 euros par mois

For additional information and availability, please contact Naomi at

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Frankly, I never thought I'd end up living in Paris but - you see, I met a man. On a ski trip - Alps - chalet - fireplace - well, it's been twenty years. I can't give you the complete insider's guide to Paris yet, (I believe that takes three generations) but I can give you an ex-New Yorker's guide to this fabulous City of Lights. Our first studio was my husbands - that's where we lived once we decided to share a continent. We were there until our son was about negative-one-month old, and we didn't want to have to convert the bidet into a bassinet. Once we moved, I started renting out that apartment and everything fell into place. As an architect, I love fixing up the apartments, and as an ex-pat, I love meeting the people who come to enjoy their vacations in Paris. Now, we’ve also bought a property in the Loire Valley, and have just finished renovating that into several fabulous vacation homes – one of them is in a cave! You’ve got to see the pictures, it is a wonderful place – and the location is perfect for exploring the region – the chateaux, the wine, the scenery, it’s beautiful.