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Naomi Benamy

(1) Ben Franklin's Suite

The Ben Franklin Suite:

Here in the First Arrondissement - the historic and geographic heart of Paris - we have three lovely apartments, renovated with care to traditional detailing. The building used to be home to a Duke who held a weekly salon attended by many of the French intelligentsia. Benjamin Franklin found it a stimulating atmosphere and made it a home away from home when he was ambassador to France, whence our name.

We have taken the ground floor space - facing the street and courtyard - and made a charming one bedroom apartment with a mezzanine, our Ben Franklin’s Salon and an attached studio apartment, our Ben Franklin’s HideAway. On the first floor – in France, that is one floor up from the street – you will find a delightful small two bedroom apartment, our Ben Franklin’s Chalet. They can be rented separately or together.

The neighborhood is incredible – although this is a very quiet street, it is located just off of the Ave. de l'Opéra, mid-way between the Opera Garnier and the Louvre Museum, just steps from the Palais Royal, Rue de Rivoli, St. Honoré, the Tuileries, Orsay Museum, Place Vendôme, you name it! There are museums and galleries, shops and supermarkets, parks and attractions - all at your feet. We are close to the Seine, you can walk to many of the attractions in the center of Paris. Public transportation is extremely convenient to take you anyplace else you would wish to go. 

The Suite is composted of three apartments:

Ben Franklin's Salon

Ben Franklin's HideAway

Ben Franklin's Chalet

The Plan and Courtyard:

Prices (in euros) all year are :

For Ben Franklin's Salon or Chalet
2 nights = 320, 3 nights = 480, 4 nights = 650 euros
5 nights = 750, 6 nights = 800, 7 nights = 850 euros
2 weeks = 1650
3 weeks = 2400
1 to 3 months 3100 euros per month

For Ben Franklin's Hide-Away
2 nights = 260, 3 nights = 390, 4 nights = 500 euros
5 nights = 600, 6 nights = 650, 7 nights = 700 euros
2 weeks = 1350
3 weeks = 1950
1 to 3 months 2400 euros per month

If you are taking two of the apartments together, there is a 15% discount on the total price, 
If you take all three of the apartments together, there is a 25% discount on the total price. 

For additional information and availability, please contact Naomi at 

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Frankly, I never thought I'd end up living in Paris but - you see, I met a man. On a ski trip - Alps - chalet - fireplace - well, it's been twenty years. I can't give you the complete insider's guide to Paris yet, (I believe that takes three generations) but I can give you an ex-New Yorker's guide to this fabulous City of Lights. Our first studio was my husbands - that's where we lived once we decided to share a continent. We were there until our son was about negative-one-month old, and we didn't want to have to convert the bidet into a bassinet. Once we moved, I started renting out that apartment and everything fell into place. As an architect, I love fixing up the apartments, and as an ex-pat, I love meeting the people who come to enjoy their vacations in Paris. Now, we’ve also bought a property in the Loire Valley, and have just finished renovating that into several fabulous vacation homes – one of them is in a cave! You’ve got to see the pictures, it is a wonderful place – and the location is perfect for exploring the region – the chateaux, the wine, the scenery, it’s beautiful.