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Naomi Benamy

(1 - C) Ben Franklin's Chalet

Ben Franklin's Chalet

This lovely apartment is our primary residence, so availability is limited – but since we will be spending a lot of time at our Loire Valley Songbird Sanctuary, we have decided to rent this out when we are not in Paris.  It does have a lot of our personal things, and we will keep one bedroom closed – so what we are renting is actually a one bedroom apartment with a little office, dining, bathroom and eat-in kitchen, balcony.  It can sleep two in the bedroom and there is a clic-clac sofa bed in the office which can also sleep two.  

The kitchen is more than fully equipped, with 4 electric burners, oven, microwave, large refrigerator, clothes washer/dryer, all the appliances, pots, pans, dishes and glasses, we welcome you to use any spices, condiments, whatever you find useful in the kitchen – with the possible exception of the wine...

We supply sheets and towels, everything you would need to settle right in and be at home in Paris. We also have high-speed internet access and phone. 

Prices (in euros) all year are :
Ben Franklin's Chalet:
2 nights = 320, 
3 nights = 480, 
4 nights = 650 euros
5 nights = 750, 
6 nights = 800, 
7 nights = 850 euros
2 weeks = 1650
3 weeks = 2400
1 to 3 months 3100 euros per month

For additional information and availability, please contact Naomi at 

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Frankly, I never thought I'd end up living in Paris but - you see, I met a man. On a ski trip - Alps - chalet - fireplace - well, it's been twenty years. I can't give you the complete insider's guide to Paris yet, (I believe that takes three generations) but I can give you an ex-New Yorker's guide to this fabulous City of Lights. Our first studio was my husbands - that's where we lived once we decided to share a continent. We were there until our son was about negative-one-month old, and we didn't want to have to convert the bidet into a bassinet. Once we moved, I started renting out that apartment and everything fell into place. As an architect, I love fixing up the apartments, and as an ex-pat, I love meeting the people who come to enjoy their vacations in Paris. Now, we’ve also bought a property in the Loire Valley, and have just finished renovating that into several fabulous vacation homes – one of them is in a cave! You’ve got to see the pictures, it is a wonderful place – and the location is perfect for exploring the region – the chateaux, the wine, the scenery, it’s beautiful.